Sock it to ya!

With the hustle and bustle of a busy holiday season, you have enough last minute details to be worried about, don’t let your sock choices be one of them. Here is a quick guide to sock selection for your winter outfits:



Play it safe:

Matching your sock colour as closely as you can is always a go-to for the office norms. It is also a good way to balance a “statement piece” if you are wearing a bold jacket or tie



Add some colour:

Here is the first step to adding some life to your office wardrobe. Here, the base colour matches the pants, but we can use the polkadots to break up the monotony and infuse some colour.


Add some statement:

This look is not for everybody. If you have a pair of statement type socks, like these music themed socks, feel free to “rock them out”…brutal dad jokes not included. A general rule of thumb would be to wear colours that compliment each other, to avoid a complete clash. Bottom line it’s your look, if the clash is what you are going for, wear it loud and wear it proud.




Bonus: The Socket Square

If you are short a cotton or silk pocket square don’t be afraid to use a sock. Definitely a bold move, but it will have people in the office looking twice.


Yours in Style,