The two featured here are best pals in the MBA bonding over their love for soccer (football if you’re Fred). JP came to the MBA after changing career paths. He went to school and obtained a teaching degree, taught abroad in England as well as in the Windsor-Essex school board. He is currently obtaining finance knowledge and skills by working in the Odette Finance Lab. Fred has joined the MBA program coming from London in the UK. He has a degree in physio therapy and worked in the field for a few years before deciding to return to school. He is unsure about what he wants to do upon graduation, but wants to return to London to pursue his career goals.

JP is wearing a Soul of London suit from Freed, his shoes are Stacy Adams, and his tie is from Banana Republic. When asked about his personal style, JP said, “I like a slim blue suit so I stand out in a crowd of black suits, but conservative enough to be professional in any setting.”

Fred is wearing a suit from Zara, his shoes are from Aldo, and his tie is from Armani. Fred described his personal style for professional wear, “I generally prefer a slim suit to look more polished. I chose a blazer with a tweed look because I’m English and its just a rule. It also helps me stand out from other generic black and blue blazers. However, it’s still professional enough to wear in corporate settings.”

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March 20th we put away our down coats, insulated boots and warm wooly mittens as we said goodbye to Winter. In this issue, along with some help from our friends at Freeds of Windsor, we will highlight some staples that every young professional should look to add to their wardrobe.


Look 1: Blue 3 piece, floral tie, honey lace ups


Suit and shirt by Soul of London, shoes by Mezlan, tie by Brand Q,

A navy suit is a 100% must item for any professional wardrobe because it can be worn for almost every occasion. The beauty of a three piece suit is that you can deconstruct it into three separate outfits (more to come on this in future posts) or wear it all at once to knock that business proposal out of the park. The floral print tie is an easy way to add some variety (the spice of life) and the spring feeling into the look. When wearing navy, try to keep shoes in the earth tone spectrum (brown, grey, green); if on a budget, go for brown or honey like the ones featured here because they can be worn with jeans and almost every colour of suit/pants. If looking to splurge, go for a brown oxford wingtip on your contemporary days and grey suede monkstraps on days where you need to make a statement.


Look 2: unstructured sport coat, white denim, sneakers, woven belt


Blazer by Soul of London, white denim by Brax, mint shirt by Stefano Brunelli, woven belt by Anderson’s, sneakers by Creative Recreation.

On days and in offices where you can be more casual, being able to pair a light sport coat with a pair of jeans makes it easy to go from the office to that coffee networking date without looking out of place. The versatility of this navy blazer makes it a Business School of Syle staple for Spring. You can easily dress it up with a knitted tie and pocket square. When shopping for shirts (aside from a plain oxford), it is a good idea to add some colour, but try to avoid colours that don’t match your current wardrobe. The goal is to be able to have the right pieces so that you can esentially get dressed in the dark and not look like a fool. Here, we have a mint/blue mini-check. White denim is also a box that should be checked off when building a curated wardrobe because they can be dressed up with socks and lace ups or dressed down as seen here with a pair of sneakers. The woven belt is also a good transition piece from winter into summer and a good thing to add to the closet.

Bonus tip: wear no show socks to keep your sneakers/boat shoes from smelling

Look 3: Denim blazer, light weight chino, floral shirt, black loafers.


Jacket by John Varvatos, floral print shirt by Bertigo, loafers by Mezlan, chinos by Mavi.

This is definitely more of a Friday look and may not work in all office settings, but the pieces are what is more important. A dark denim jacket, like this one by John Varvatos, can be worn with a dress shirt and tie or thrown over a t-shirt when running R&D on the local drink market at 2am. Chinos are essentially a dressier version of jeans. As the weather gets warmer, stay cool by wearing a light cotton chino like these grey chinos by Mavi. Not exactly business casual depending on print and size, but if paired properly with a suit and tie, a floral print shirt can allow you to show you have an appreciation for Spring and your job. Finally, you need black loafers, period.

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Ayat or as we like to call her, “The Face of Odette”. Ayat studied here at Odette in her undergrad obtaining a Business Degree with a specialty in Human Resources. She is a very active student, always volunteering for various student initiatives and liaising between students and faculty or staff here at school. She hopes to obtain a Law Degree and practice in the future.

Ayat is wearing a modern professional outfit. She is keeping the colours safe with black and deep green, but playing with shapes in her unstructured vest.

Her pants and her vest are from Dynamite, her bodysuit is from H&M, and her hijab scarf is from Fekbir (a Turkish brand).

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Hijab Wear for Professionals



Selecting an outfit for an interview, meeting, or professional event can be difficult, but coordinating a hijab…that’s a challenge on its own! There are so many different materials, designs, colours, patterns, and styles, it can be hard to choose. Fear not, we are here to help!

We recommend three different styles: tucked in, half draped, and full drape.

Tucked In- The hijab is wrapped tightly and tucked in allowing your outfit to be the main focus of your ensemble.

Half Draped – The hijab is wrapped, but hanging slightly from the front, which looks great when your outfit is simple. It allows your hijab to be the statement piece!

Full Drape- The hijab is wrapped and hanging on both sides over the shoulder; it allows you to completely incorporate the hijab with your outfit. The hijab being draped gives it a much more noticeable and bold look.

It is important to remember to keep hijab patterns and colours straightforward, elegant, and chic. The less ornate your outfit, the more professional you look.

We love the premium chiffon hijab wraps from Voile Chic, they are ideal for any event or occasion. All the hijab wraps modelled above and pictured below can be found at


Our kind friends at VoileChic are offering 10% off your entire purchase when you use our promotion code “business10”, aren’t they amazing?!


This is the lovely Nicole. Before starting her MBA, she obtained a degree in Visual Arts and a master’s in History. She has worked for the not-for-profit, Canadian Historical Aircraft Association and is currently the VP of Marketing on the Odette MBA Society.

Here Nicole is pulling off two classic colours: camel and black. Instead of playing it safe, she opted for a patterned top to tie her outfit together. She really knows how to mix classic with modern in her professional wardrobe. To keep the look more modest, Nicole added a small black cardigan to cover her shoulders.


Her top is from Le Chateau and her skirt is Babaton from Aritzia.

Nicole describes her professional style as “modern casual”

Yours in style,

Outerwear for the Professional Woman

Puffer coats and parkas, although very warm, are unfortunately not business appropriate. Luckily for you readers, we have identified the most stylish ways to shield yourself from the cold weather while looking professional. There are many different fabrics that insulate as much as the synthetic ones that comprise puffer coats such as wool or tweed. You can go maxi with a floor-length hem, mid-length to your knees, keep it short at your hips or mix it up with a very on-trend cape.

For the office, we recommend keeping colours simple: camel, black, grey, white, etc. That way you can mix accessories to keep the coat looking fresh. If you are brave and rock a coloured or patterned coat, keep your accessories very minimal to avoid looking too busy.

Accessories are where the real fun in fashion lies.

There are so many different style of scarves, hats, and gloves to chose from. You can do blanket, silk, cotton, fringed, or long-skinny scarves all in different colours, fabrics, and patterns. For hats, you need to plan ahead (no one wants hat hair), so think beret, ear muffs, relaxed knits. Gloves are another way to really up your look. Leather gloves are always chic and there are so many different styles and colours out there that you can really find a way to personalize your outfit with them. You can also do touch sensitive gloves to stay connected to your phone for all those meetings and/or deadlines you have to manage.

We pulled together some of our own outerwear that we have deemed appropriate for the business world and mixed them with different accessories to show you how versatile a good coat can really be.

Yours in style,


Interview with Ari Freed

The Business School of Style caught up with Freed’s of Windsor owner, Ari Freed, to discuss how the style of today’s suits differ from those of years past, and why staying up to date is important when dressing for success.

Business School of Style: Why should young professionals wear tailored suits?

Ari Freed: “Does anyone remember The Dick Van Dyke show? The fit of today’s suits are as tapered as the ones Dick wore back in the early 1960’s. Many items of today’s men’s wardrobes are quite slim and fitted in men’s fashions. In men’s clothing, particularly suits, have never been trimmer and slimmer. Your look should match your demeanor and body type and you should be dressed properly to ensure looking your best and dressing for success in representing the company you work for.”

B: What are qualities you should look for in a good tailor?

A: “If someone buys a suit off the rack at Freeds, the goal is to find the customer the best quality suit at the best price that will best suit their needs. In most stores the tailor is just one person involved in the sale. The tailor can really be your guide  to a great fit and providing outstanding alterations to your suit purchase. However, several others may play an important role in picking out the perfect suit for you. At Freeds, you could have many different people involved in the experience: the tailor, the shoe manager/buyer possibly the store owner, plus a sales associate called a haberdashery expert who can match up your shirt and tie to your suit as well. They should all take great pride in providing the ultimate in customer satisfaction during your clothing selections. In all situations these experts need to give you an honest, professional opinion on what they know and what they can share with you. They must give the customer what they are looking for, and what the most important thing is to that person. To some, they want an extremely fitted look, others want the best suit at a certain price point.  Some customers do not have a good idea of what they are looking for from fabric selection to the type of model style that best fits their body. Customers should also be given sound advice in regards to suit colors, suit patterns and suit colors.  A good Sales associate should want to give the best quality at the best  price that the customer is comfortable with. Tailors and sales associates can lend their opinion, but should be a good listener to the customer’s needs as well.”

B: What are the main alterations you need for an off the rack suit?

A: “If off the rack, the first thing to know and make sure, is that it fits your particular body type the best. Anyone purchasing a suit should work with a professional that will put you in the right brand of suit that will fit your body type the best. In terms of tailoring it comes down to personal taste. Having a 14 or 15 inch opening at the bottom of the pant leg and a shorter pant leg would provide a better fit for a client with a slim build than someone who has a larger build. With slimmer fit jackets, you need slimmer fit pants to go with it. Suppression of waist line, sleeve length to the break on the hand, (and things like the length of your pant hem) are all matters of personal preference yet trends today once again express the new fitted look. The length of today’s suit jacket is shorter than 10-15 years ago.

Now let’s distinguish between “fitted” and “tailored” suits as they are two different terms. Fitted is the new modern look, where clothing items such as pants and jackets are slimmer, shorter and fit very close to the body. Tailoring is a term that refers to how a suit is fitted or altered. Or the alterations done to make a suit fit properly. Today’s look regardless of body type is as mentioned on the more fitted side. But remember to get the right look to suit your own personal needs keep these fashion tips in mind.”

Thank you for reading, we hope this helps our readers when it comes time for them to choose the right suit for the job


Alex of the Odette MBA class with a shortened jacket and sleeve to represent a modern look. “The look of suits today are shorter and trimmer than they have been in years”- Ari Freed

Yours in style,




This is Marco. He is an engineer who has returned to school to obtain his MBA. He reigns from Italy and is passionate about cars. Marco knows how to style himself for a business event where media is involved. He chose a black tailored suit by FB Uomo, black shoes, a white dress shirt, and a simple, yet sophisticated black tie.

Oh and the hat? Marco is not at a press release for a new tea room at the university, he is supporting a wonderful local charity, “Hats on for Healthcare”. This pink woven hat with ribbon detail was enough to win Marco a prize for best hat. He’s one to watch for style this year for sure!

Hats on for Healthcare is organized to support the Windsor Regional Hospital in their efforts to fundraise for new equipment, programs, technology and more. This year the money raised from this initiative will go towards mental health and surgical and medicine programs at Windsor Regional Hospital. To donate please check out the University of Windsor MBA’s online funding page

“Usually I just look at the colour and pattern… The shop assistant tells me if the suit fits me well or not then there are usually minor adjustments made by a tailor”-Marco on how he selects the perfect suit