March 20th we put away our down coats, insulated boots and warm wooly mittens as we said goodbye to Winter. In this issue, along with some help from our friends at Freeds of Windsor, we will highlight some staples that every young professional should look to add to their wardrobe.


Look 1: Blue 3 piece, floral tie, honey lace ups


Suit and shirt by Soul of London, shoes by Mezlan, tie by Brand Q,

A navy suit is a 100% must item for any professional wardrobe because it can be worn for almost every occasion. The beauty of a three piece suit is that you can deconstruct it into three separate outfits (more to come on this in future posts) or wear it all at once to knock that business proposal out of the park. The floral print tie is an easy way to add some variety (the spice of life) and the spring feeling into the look. When wearing navy, try to keep shoes in the earth tone spectrum (brown, grey, green); if on a budget, go for brown or honey like the ones featured here because they can be worn with jeans and almost every colour of suit/pants. If looking to splurge, go for a brown oxford wingtip on your contemporary days and grey suede monkstraps on days where you need to make a statement.


Look 2: unstructured sport coat, white denim, sneakers, woven belt


Blazer by Soul of London, white denim by Brax, mint shirt by Stefano Brunelli, woven belt by Anderson’s, sneakers by Creative Recreation.

On days and in offices where you can be more casual, being able to pair a light sport coat with a pair of jeans makes it easy to go from the office to that coffee networking date without looking out of place. The versatility of this navy blazer makes it a Business School of Syle staple for Spring. You can easily dress it up with a knitted tie and pocket square. When shopping for shirts (aside from a plain oxford), it is a good idea to add some colour, but try to avoid colours that don’t match your current wardrobe. The goal is to be able to have the right pieces so that you can esentially get dressed in the dark and not look like a fool. Here, we have a mint/blue mini-check. White denim is also a box that should be checked off when building a curated wardrobe because they can be dressed up with socks and lace ups or dressed down as seen here with a pair of sneakers. The woven belt is also a good transition piece from winter into summer and a good thing to add to the closet.

Bonus tip: wear no show socks to keep your sneakers/boat shoes from smelling

Look 3: Denim blazer, light weight chino, floral shirt, black loafers.


Jacket by John Varvatos, floral print shirt by Bertigo, loafers by Mezlan, chinos by Mavi.

This is definitely more of a Friday look and may not work in all office settings, but the pieces are what is more important. A dark denim jacket, like this one by John Varvatos, can be worn with a dress shirt and tie or thrown over a t-shirt when running R&D on the local drink market at 2am. Chinos are essentially a dressier version of jeans. As the weather gets warmer, stay cool by wearing a light cotton chino like these grey chinos by Mavi. Not exactly business casual depending on print and size, but if paired properly with a suit and tie, a floral print shirt can allow you to show you have an appreciation for Spring and your job. Finally, you need black loafers, period.

Yours In Style,



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