Hijab Wear for Professionals



Selecting an outfit for an interview, meeting, or professional event can be difficult, but coordinating a hijab…that’s a challenge on its own! There are so many different materials, designs, colours, patterns, and styles, it can be hard to choose. Fear not, we are here to help!

We recommend three different styles: tucked in, half draped, and full drape.

Tucked In- The hijab is wrapped tightly and tucked in allowing your outfit to be the main focus of your ensemble.

Half Draped – The hijab is wrapped, but hanging slightly from the front, which looks great when your outfit is simple. It allows your hijab to be the statement piece!

Full Drape- The hijab is wrapped and hanging on both sides over the shoulder; it allows you to completely incorporate the hijab with your outfit. The hijab being draped gives it a much more noticeable and bold look.

It is important to remember to keep hijab patterns and colours straightforward, elegant, and chic. The less ornate your outfit, the more professional you look.

We love the premium chiffon hijab wraps from Voile Chic, they are ideal for any event or occasion. All the hijab wraps modelled above and pictured below can be found at voilechic.ca


Our kind friends at VoileChic are offering 10% off your entire purchase when you use our promotion code “business10”, aren’t they amazing?!

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