Outerwear for the Professional Woman

Puffer coats and parkas, although very warm, are unfortunately not business appropriate. Luckily for you readers, we have identified the most stylish ways to shield yourself from the cold weather while looking professional. There are many different fabrics that insulate as much as the synthetic ones that comprise puffer coats such as wool or tweed. You can go maxi with a floor-length hem, mid-length to your knees, keep it short at your hips or mix it up with a very on-trend cape.

For the office, we recommend keeping colours simple: camel, black, grey, white, etc. That way you can mix accessories to keep the coat looking fresh. If you are brave and rock a coloured or patterned coat, keep your accessories very minimal to avoid looking too busy.

Accessories are where the real fun in fashion lies.

There are so many different style of scarves, hats, and gloves to chose from. You can do blanket, silk, cotton, fringed, or long-skinny scarves all in different colours, fabrics, and patterns. For hats, you need to plan ahead (no one wants hat hair), so think beret, ear muffs, relaxed knits. Gloves are another way to really up your look. Leather gloves are always chic and there are so many different styles and colours out there that you can really find a way to personalize your outfit with them. You can also do touch sensitive gloves to stay connected to your phone for all those meetings and/or deadlines you have to manage.

We pulled together some of our own outerwear that we have deemed appropriate for the business world and mixed them with different accessories to show you how versatile a good coat can really be.

Yours in style,


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